The Expressive Cafe


The Expressive Cafe is a  partnership with the Woolwich Seniors' Association  


The Mission of the Expressive Café is to improve communication skills using expressive and receptive activities in a safety environment.

Aphasia impacts a person?s ability to express language and process language...speech, writing and reading.  It is a disorder of isolation, confidence and frustration, partly the result of people who have aphasia can?t communicate their ideas, thoughts and experience, and there is not enough public support or services to support our journey to recovery.

Come??To be the best that you can be?.

Get together with other who have aphasia, family, friends and volunteers for:

Games Brain Gain Cognitive Activities

Music and poetry

Public speaking


Guest Speakers

Support and friends

Resources for Survivors

                                                                          Meeting are located 

St. Teresa of Avila

19 Flamingo Drive
Elmira, Ontario, 
N3B 1V3

Thursday's  9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Email expressive.cafe@rogers.com to register

Call 10am - 2pm (519)729 - 5221 Mon-Fri

A Non-Profit Orginization, donations for supplies, volunteers ect are appreciated..

For Donations:

The Expressive Cafe

27b-30 Flamingo Dr.,Elmira,ON.,N3B1V5

All donations over $20.00 will get a reciept for tax purposes 











Notes From The Expressive Cafe
Potential observers should send a request in writing outlining the reason for the visit.
Requests should be sent to us 2-4 week prior to the dates they seek to observe.
Members of the EC will decide if they are interested in having observers and are comfortable with the reason why the request is being sought.
Observers will sign a confidentiality agreement stating they will not discuss or share information obtained during the meetings .
Once a decision is made by the group, then a notification will be sent to the requesting party in writing/by e-mail.
Some of these rules are required by my college as well, so no part of this is out of line. we are still providing treatment therefore all members privacy must be respected to the letter of the Regulated Health Professions Act to which I must abide by.